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Meet Pieter Peulen

Combining modern sculptures and eclectic design with interior designer and photographer Pieter Peulen.
Photographer and interior designer Pieter Peulen invites us to his Belgian residence. In this brief interview, he discusses his approach to vintage design pieces and his unique style and approach to interior design, which are reflected in his home.

“My house feels like a museum. The background will always have the same, natural vibe. The objects itself are the artworks of the house.”

- Pieter Peulen
- Where did your journey with interior and design begin? Was it always a passion of yours?

I went to a lot of thrift stores with my parents when I was a child. So I grew up with it quite early. At a later age, I was constantly changing the interior of my bedroom and designing my dream houses in The Sims (the computer game). I started studying interior design in my last 2 years of high school and got a bachelor's in interior design and one in furniture design afterwards.
- Can you introduce us to your building, and how do you envision the spaces being used?

The house feels like a museum. The background will always have the same, natural vibe (white walls, concrete walls). The objects (furniture) itself are the artworks of the house.

- What has been your most rewarding project? What made it special for you?

Building the house is definitely one of the most rewarding projects I’ve ever done. We were very close to the building process and also did a lot of stuff ourselves, like the electricity, watering systems, heating, ventilation, etc.

- Which is your favourite detail/interior object in your home and why?

The Metafora coffee table by Massimo and Lella Vignelli I hunted it down on a secondhand website. I got a great price for it. The previous owner didn’t really realise the cultural and commercial value of it. It has been the centrepiece of our living room since day one.

Everything I do has a link to vintage. My photography work is done with analog cameras, and I love thrifting interiors.

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