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On Adventures in Costa Rica's seashore

From photographs of beaches in Costa Rica as inspiration, photographer Julia Örtegren creates a series of pleasant abstractions of the Light Speaker that transport you to the white sands of Costa Rica's seashore with surfer and founder of Surfakademin Peter Sahlberg.

In this showcase, explore the natural beauty that, for Peter, continues to thrive in Costa Rica. A conversation on the beginnings of Surfakademin, his favorite destinations, and his surfing fixation, as well as a shared soundtrack for us.

"Forever grateful to Surfakademin for enabling me to live out my inner Peter Pan year after year, flip-flopping between Costa Rica in the winter, Stockholm in the spring and fall, and then Biarritz in France in the summer. Those are pretty much, together with my native Skåne the places that I love the most. " - Peter Sahlberg.

Peter Sahlberg is an avid surfer and an explorer. Fired up and ready to go, almost all the time. He recently moved on from being a freshman to a sophomore in embracing everything that comes his way and to meet curve balls with an open and curious mind.

His fascination for surfing started in Waikiki, on the Hawaiian islands. Talent was scarce, and it was way more challenging than he ever imagined. But instead of frustration, he felt held by the ocean and in tune with the elements. He now realizes that this was his first encounter with the concept of presence. Here and now. He gets goosebumps thinking about it. So he persisted. Now, 25 years later, he is still in love, more than ever.
Peter met his soul brother at the airport in Honolulu, weeks after relocating to the famed Northshore, and their quest began. A decade later, in 2006, they started Surfakademin, a surf travel company, curating renowned surf and yoga retreats. They live in Costa Rica in the winter, Sweden (Västkusten & Österlen) in the spring and fall, and Biarritz, France in the summer.

Since he is always on the go, he have been going through various portable speakers during the years. "The Light Speaker combines style, a BIG sound, with coziness. Love the lantern vibe", he adds.
Julia Örtegren, a Stockholm-based photographer with a passion for documenting all types of moments. Her images emphasize natural compositions with an unedited storytelling technique that reveals the spontaneous, unplanned character. Julia works as a Project Manager for Save The Children Sweden, where she devises initiatives for the Swedish Civil Society to encourage more people to support and advocate for children's rights.

Explore more of Julia's work on her Instagram account @juliakrull and Peter's next surf-getaway in October at @surfakademin.

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