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Shipping & Delivery

Where is my order?

Once you order is shipped from our warehouse you'll receive a shipping confirmation email; click on your tracking link on this email to view the up to date tracking for follow your delivery.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship worldwide, with the exception of Russia.
If you cannot find your desired destination country in the shipping list, please contact the Transparent customer support at [email protected]

Import duties & custom?

Items shipped within the EU and United States are shipped with a DDP (Delivered Duty Paid), which means that tax and duties are included in the purchase price.

All orders outside EU and United States the customer pays DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) which means that VAT is not included in the purchase price.
You will get contacted by customs once the shipment arrives and you will have to settle any charges in order for customs to release the shipment and allow your goods to be delivered.

It should be noted that Transparent has no control over these charges and, since these charges differ between countries, Transparent cannot predict their amount. Transparent advises the Customer to contact the local customs office for further information.

If you don't pay for the VAT costs and the order gets shipped back to us, we will charge you for the shipping costs.

Where do you ship from?

United States, Canada and Mexico are shipped from our warehouse in Gilroy, United States.
Our European and international order are shipped from our warehouse in Stockholm, Sweden.

How long is the delivery time?

Our goal is always to get your order delivered as quickly as possible.
The estimated delivery date depends on the country and the shipping alternative you choose.

Standard delivery time is estimated to 3-5 business days within the EU and the US.
Standard delivery time is estimated to 5-7 business days worldwide.

Why have I not received an order confirmation by email?

If an order was placed and processed successfully, you should have received an automated order confirmation in your email inbox. If still haven't received an order confirmation sent through email, please start by checking your spam inbox.

I have received a damaged item, what do I do?

Even though we make meticulous controls on our products, it is still possible that, in rare cases, they are faulty.
If you discover that your product has a manufacturing or material fault, please contact us at [email protected]

Send us an e-mail where you:
  • Shortly describe the damage and how it occurred
  • A copy of your receipt
  • Product serial number "QR-code".
    The serial number is located in the bottom of the speaker.
  • Take images and/or record a short video clip showing the damage/problem
  • Please attach the images in a format of ZIP or JPEG and name the email “Damaged”