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Unveiling the Sound Room

A minimalist interior that reflects the brand's philosophy and aesthetics. Situated in the center of Stockholm, the Sound Room features a clean, minimalist aesthetic comprised of aluminium frames, glass walls and an open-plan format. Our Sound Room is a place for you to experience the full range of Transparent's speakers and to take part in many sorts of sound experiences.

Transparent wants to offer a physical environment where people can experience the brand with all their senses. In addition, the premises will house our first Circular Center. This means that customers can come and get help with various circular services such as upgrades, repairs or even just technical support such as pairing their speakers wirelessly.
With the use of natural elements such as a giant bonsai tree, a boulder, and an exhibition of various raw materials, the circular perspective is portrayed through the use of futuristic hues, interiors, and lighting. Selected furniture and kitchens are clad in glossy aluminum, a material that is used in almost all of the company's products, and which here is allowed to shine in its original, raw design. 

The intention is to evoke the sensation of visiting a futuristic lab that explores technology, sound, art, circularity, and origin. It is a space for sound experiences and exhibitions, along with a headquarters for our Stockholm-based team.

Theoretically, our speakers are designed to last forever. It is a "circular formula" that involves creating high-quality products from recycled materials. With an expression that can never be dated and a construction that is completely modular, allowing for easy repair and replacement of every detail. Customers will be able to upgrade their devices if there is a new wireless technology or if they move from an apartment to a villa and wish to turn a single Bluetooth gadget into a huge multiroom system.

The design concept of the Sound Room was developed by the Creative Director Per Brickstad, and executed in consultation with the Transparent team.

Per, what do you consider Transparent's greatest accomplishments?
- I am proud of the fact that we have the courage to stand on our own two feet and go our own path. There are a thousand alternative shortcuts along the path, but I consider it a success since we were able to reach our products in our own way and without a significant amount of venture funding. It may have taken longer and cost more than expected, but I believe it is what is required to produce products that are truly outstanding and potentially meaningful. I also consider it a fantastic accomplishment that we are able to hire such talented employees!

What are the next steps for Transparent?
- We require additional employees to develop and compete with the older, larger bullies. Obviously, we will continue to expand our product line with more technically advanced and intriguing products. In addition, we are only at the beginning of our journey with our circular services.

What are the speaker industry's biggest challenges?
- Simplicity, durability, transparency.

How do you contribute towards a better future for the environment?
- We work towards a circular economy. By that, we mean both origin and destiny—where the products come from and where they go. If we can build a system of products that comes from 100% recycled raw materials and that also never needs to be thrown away, we have created a model that can inspire and revolutionize the entire industry. Implemented on a large scale, this would mean a radical optimization of our common terrestrial resources and an equally radical minimization of the tech industry's climate impact.

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