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Co-founder and Creative Director, Per Brickstad’s idea for the design of the Acoustic Sculpture was sparked by a deep fascination for raw, and organic materials combined with an approach to curiosity for exploration. In order to take jesmonite to the next level, Per has made a 3D printed mold of the foundation form.

The Jesmonite composite was made in the UK in 1984 by Peter Hawkins, who is still working on it today. It was made as an alternative to resin, plaster, and concrete.
For this photoshoot taking place in Spain, we have collaborated with Barcelona-based interior and architecture photographer Marina Denisova and artist and designer Valeria Vasileva for setting and location design. Vasileva makes each vase one-at-a time to order. Using this movement as a guide, Vasileva's ceramic collection fits in well with the design of our acoustic sculpture for this shoot.

The term "transparent sound" refers to a loudspeaker's capacity to convey to the audience a musician's purpose. The Acoustic Sculpture's drivers work well in the very small acoustic chambers, which leads to the high-quality sound.

The design of the acoustic sculpture enhances the flow of sound waves from the driver components while simultaneously improving stereo separation between the two drivers. The sculpture has a sharp and punchy timbre (tone color), which adds a very delicate touch that makes the object even more interesting and personal.

Acoustic Sculpture