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Yoga & Beats with Leah Pam

In the setting of our Sound Room in Stockholm, participants of the Yoga & Beats session were immersed in a transformative experience that explored the synergy between music and movement hosted by Leah Pam Sessions.

A sense-activating yoga with a fusion of sound and movement. Led by Leah's live DJ performance and Naofal's guidance in a vinyasa-inspired class, the class seamlessly blended flowing postures, breathwork, and the power of music.

Beats with Leah Pam

Leah is a passionate yogini with a broad cultural background that has advanced her practice since a young age. Her background in yoga, massage, Qigong, and gong meditation gives her a unique perspective on how to merge her passions for music and movement. Through DJing, she creates a unique blend of tribal and organic deep house with Arabic and South American influences. Exploring the potent interplay between music and movement.

Find out more about Leah and next events here: @leahpam____sessions

Yoga with Naofal

Appreciated for his warm personality and inspiring yoga, Naofal is passionate about people and loves to share his knowledge and experience in his classes, workshops, and retreats. With his skills in Yinyoga, Vinyasa, Qigong, Ashtanga, and Rocket Vinyasa, he invites you to uplifting and challenging yoga sessions for the beginner and the experienced yogi. Naofal teaches at various studios in Stockholm.

Find out more about Naofal here: @naofalyoga

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