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Transparent x 3daysofdesign

From June 7th to June 9th, the vibrant city of Copenhagen became the center of attention for design enthusiasts during the highly anticipated event, 3daysofdesign. As visitors navigated through the city, they were greeted by the captivating soundscapes emanating from our speakers at various showrooms such as Massproductions, Gustaf Westman and Cappelen Dimyr.

In the Massproductions showroom, we showcased the seamless integration of design and sound quality that our products offer. Harmoniously blending with the contemporary furniture pieces of Massproductions, our speakers created an audiovisual symphony that encapsulated the very essence of modern living. Visitors were enthralled by the immersive musical experience, as it enhanced the ambience and complemented Massproductions' exquisite designs.
Gustaf Westman's showrooms provided another platform for our speakers. Nestled amidst the carefully curated interiors, the speakers served as both functional audio systems and work of art. The speakers' minimalist aesthetic and high-quality sound output effortlessly blended with Westman's colorful and playful creative vision.

We hope to see you there next year!

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