Multi-room setup with Wi-Fi

How to install your speaker, Wi-FI Module and connect multiple speakers.


Connect multiple speaker

1. Connect a Wi-Fi Module to all the speakers you'd like to connect. We recommend you connect one speaker at a time.
2. Download the AudioCast App from App Store or Google Play.
3. Open the AuidoCast app and choose "Add device"
4. Go to your phone's Wi-Fi setting and select Transparent_AC_xxxx.
5. If you can’t find Transparent_AC_xxxx Press the WPS button on the Wi-Fi Module.
6. Go back to the AudioCast App and choose your home Wi-Fi. Enter the password.
7. Choose a name for your device, you can add a custom name or choose just choose one of the names showing on your screen.
8. To add more speakers, repeat steps 3 to 7.
9. You can now play music to all the connected speakers. To create a group, in the AudioCast App, simply click, hold and drag one device to another. To remove a device from the group, click, hold and drag the device to a blank space. You can also choose if you want the speakers to play only L or R channel.

Instruction video

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