Meet the founders

You know Transparent as a world leading sustainable electronics brand, dreamed up by its chief executive officer Martin Willers and chief designer Per Brickstad. But the truth is, they got here through a lot of hard work, and a little bit of fate. The two co-founders of Transparent (and friends before that) were working at Stockholm design studio People People for 10 years, before they hit upon a concept that would be the beginning of Transparent Speaker.

First sketches

At People People, Martin Willers and Per Brickstad were secretly hatching a plan that would one day be known as Transparent. The two were obsessed by the idea of creating a timeless modular speaker that was forever upgradable, solving many environmental issues that the tech industry still faces today. Publishing their early sketches on their blog, they challenged their competitors: how do you create sustainable electronics? On 11/11, these early Transparent Speaker designs went viral -- it turned out that people were excited for their modular speaker to become a reality! Through a crowdfunding campaigns that finished in 2013, they established a strong backing for their truly unique concept, based on the circular economy model.

If there was one thing the two learned at their time with both Transparent and People People, is that the journey ahead towards truly sustainable electronics would be both challenging and completely rewarding. So let’s work backwards, taking a look at how it started...

Martin’s blueprint for a sustainable future

You can thank a few of Martin’s life long passions for the impeccable standards of Transparent audio. When he was just a boy, he had grand ideas for projects and drew them. Even at this age, Martin would imagine giving talks and interviews to the press on his creations. When he discovered the new promise of 3D modelling at his upper secondary school, there was no going back. At last, he could see his drawings coming to life as real products. This was well beyond his younger self’s most daring dreams.

Teenage Martin was growing more and more interested in sustainable development and the preservation of the environment. At 17, he joined the Youth Environmental Parliament, and his degree project as an industrial designer was on how solar energy can become more interactive for the end users in hotels. These formative moments would lead him towards the creating the circular economy model that Transparent audio uses today.

Per’s restlessness as a designer

Per Brickstad’s design ethic can be neatly summed up as: simply push a button and play. As the force behind the creative direction of Transparent, constantly working on the overall lifetime value of his products, evolving the look and feel of Transparent audio. Natural beauty and functionality are subtly integrated into all of his creations. When your speaker blends in, the sound jumps out.

Per met Martin at university, and it was here that their dynamic crystallised. Martin would sleep on his couch a lot because he lived further away from the city, but Per soon realised that he had dreams to match his own. In a nutshell, Martin’s big ambitions would be the perfect compliment to Per’s impeccable design knowhow. Per’s own passion for design started with an interest in Swedish functionalism and product/furniture designer Naoto Fukusawa, but now encompasses Norm Architects and British sculptor/fashion artist Faye Toogood. After all, it’s pretty useful to keep an eye on key movements in architecture and fashion, if you want your products to blend in naturally with the home.

So that leads us up to where we are today!

It’s safe to say that this first in forever upgradable tech was years in the making. With Per Brickstad’s eye for cutting-edge design, coupled with the scope of Martin Willers’ concepts and their combined entrepreneurial grit, the two brought the Transparent audio tech dream to life. No other tech company is yet to match the Transparent ethos in its commitment to sustainable electronics, or in creating a truce between audio and your living space. Every Transparent speaker comes with fantastic design and sound, but also a clear conscience.

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