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Stoneware Speaker

— Handcrafted stoneware by Hortense Montarnal in Lyon.

— Uniquely varied raw clay colour, numbered series.

— Made to order, delivery time 4-6 weeks.

$ 1650

Timeless Design

This speaker was handcrafted by ceramic artist Hortense Montarnal in her studio in Lyon. Since we have appreciated the acoustic properties of glass cabinets for quite a few years now we have been very interested in ceramics as a material. Ceramics has had an obvious place in people's homes from centuries in everything from kitchen ware to vases. In this collection we will explore a variety of textures and clay mixes. Since we already put so much effort into perfecting our components to exactly the right natural white shade, they blend nicely with the raw texture of the clay.




Single frame

Made to Order

Once you place your order Hortense makes the cabinet from clay that she flattens, cuts and joins by hand. It takes a lot of knowledge in the material to understand how it behaves in the kiln, and to take the shrinkage into consideration in order for us to mount the components. Making the organic hand made meet the technical components might also seem counterintuitive from an aesthetic point of view, but we find the result quite stunning.


Output power

60 Hz–20 kHz

Frequency Response

Transparent Sound

Transparent sound refers to a loudspeakers ability to channel the true intention of a musician through to the listener. We tune the drivers to perform perfectly in the unique sealed acoustic volumes creating high quality sounds from our premium components. Our special editions come with the same five star sound performance as our permanent collection. With the stoneware we get a light and crisp timbre (tone color) adding an extremely subtle touch that makes the object even more interesting and personal just like an instrument.

Forever Upgradable

Our products are designed for a circular economy. Apart from a long lasting quality and appearance, this means a modular design that can be repaired and upgraded over time with technology constantly evolving. This way, users can keep their product updated by their preference and change only a small part, instead of replacing the whole unit. Transparent products will get better with age and we will do what we can to remove electronic waste from the world.

Hortense Montarnal

Hortense makes beautiful ceramics for everyday use. She wants to combine the practical with the poetic, creating timeless things with pure and minimalist lines. Her inspiration is mainly in the 50's modernist architecture, but also in old, simple, authentic objects. Porcelain and stoneware, which is her favorite material, lets her play on the contrasts between the engob's mat and the enamel's shiny textures that sublime the raw natural material she uses. She has developed her own personal enamel palette in different textures, shades and natural tones. Her creations are unique and made in small series in a traditional manner, from the turntable in the studio in the city of Rochetaillé sur Saône near Lyon, France

Wireless: Bluetooth and ‘True Wireless’ dual speaker streaming
Compatible with Apple AirPlay, Sonos, Amazon Echo and Google Cast
Upgradable: Can host a 3rd party Wifi, multiroom or voice control module inside.
Cables: Long and short audio cable, long and short (USB) power cable
Wireless: Bluetooth and “True Wireless” dual speaker streaming
Compartment in the bottom with USB power supply
Wall mount: Brackets and screws included
L/R Drivers: 2 × 3’’ (Full Range)
Amplifier: Class D built-in (active)
Output power: 2x 15W
Sealed Cabinet Volume: 3 l
Frequency Response: 60 Hz - 20 kHz ±3 dB on axis
High Quality Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Dimensions (mm): 290x203x110
Weight: 5,4 kg
Front Controls: Volume
Line in: 2 x 3,5mm (front and bottom)

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