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Made to Order

Together with skilled artisans Transparent continuing to move the boundaries between design, technology and craft of natural materials. Leading artisans use local recycled or organic material and their handcraft to give our used or returned modular components an extended life cycle. This process takes time as each order becomes an exploration of detailed craft. Each piece is numbered and will look slightly different than the last. These are truly unique objects to love for a lifetime.

Transparent Sound

Transparent sound refers to a loudspeakers ability to channel the true intention of a musician through to the listener. We tune the driver magnets size to perform perfectly in the unique sealed acoustic volumes in the speaker creating high quality sounds from our premium components. Our special editions come with the same five star sound performance as our permanent collection.

For each new material we craft we also discover a new timbre (tone color) adding an extremely subtle touch that makes the object even more interesting and personal just like an instrument. We find it fascinating that acoustics is one of the least researched areas of physics and at the same time one of the most complicated. It deals with the mode of operation of sound and the associated mechanisms in materials. Regardless of the science, one thing is for sure, playing a great song on these speakers can give you goosebumps! .

"The modular design of our products means they can be reborn into ever new objects that explore the boundaries of tech."