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Sound Session: Robot Performance

A unique and mesmerising in-house event, hosted in our very own Sound Room. As the event began, Leah Pam played a live DJ set, setting the tone and adding to the overall ambiance. In the spotlight, a non-human entity going by the name of the 'cobot cellist' created by Fredrik Gran. The robot is a fusion of both a performer and an instrument, consisting of two collaborative industrial robotic arms playing a cello. The event also featured beverages by Djuce, providing great wines while at the same time saving the environment

A Retro-Futuristic Experience

The installation highlighted the intersection of technology and art, embodying the timeless characteristics of the Transparent brand. As the performance progressed, one could feel both the presence of a classical real musical instrument as well as the precision of the futuristic robots. Blurring the lines between the past and the future through an immersive experience in the now. It was clear the 'robot cellist' was not a life-less performer that one might expect from a machine. In fact the precision matched with the sensitivity of the living materials in a cello resulted in a unique and exciting playing style.

Fredrik Gran

Fredrik Gran is a composer originally from Stockholm, Sweden. Fredrik has a passion for the musical potential of mechanical processes and in experimenting with new performative strategies. His music and research intersect acoustic and electroacoustic sound ideas, employing mechanic/robotic interactive units, amplified instruments and objects, computer-assisted transcription of his own electroacoustic music and purpose-made electronic models into the notated sphere of acoustic instruments. His work covers orchestral, chamber, vocal, electroacoustic and live electronic music, as well as music for installations, dance, digital and visual art. 

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