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Preamp for old Vinyl players

— Rega high performance phono preamp for old vinyl players

— Amplify pickup so it works with Transparent Speakers

— Award winning, transparent sound performance

$ 120

Timeless Minimal Design

Precision crafted in Britain the Rega Fono Mini A2D benefits from an extruded aluminium case and user friendly front and back panels that make this phono pre-amplifier a very easy product to use. No fuss, just quality components to get the job done.

★★★★★ What Hi-Fi? Best best phono stage at €100 (8 years in a row)


Transparent loudspeakers have the ability to channel the true intention of a musician through to the listener. This preamp is best in class at bringing dynamic space and detail without coloring the sound. Together with your vinyl player you are ready to have a real goosebumps, audiophile, listening experience.

Many are too quick to dispose of technology whether it becomes behind the times or out of fashion, we are living in a throwaway culture. It is Transparent’s mission to change this consumer mindset and we hope more people will pick up old vinyls and discover a great listening ritual.

If you at some point want to digitize your record collection the Rega Fono also has a USB connector that makes ripping your analogue vinyl into a digital format easy. It is compatible with any digital audio editor on your computer, like the free software Audacity.


Input sensitivity: 5mV for 500mV output
Input loading: 47k +100pF
Maximum input level: 70mV @ 1kHz
Output Impedance: 100 Ohms
Signal to noise ratio: 78dBA ref 5mV
Power requirements: 24VAC 85mA
Input for full scale digital output: 7.5mV
Dimensions W 102mm x D 125mm x H 30mm

In The Box

Europe Power adapter (PS2)
Input 230V-50Hz 25mA
Output 24V-100mA
RCA to 3.5 mm (miniplug) cable

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