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Small Transparent Speaker with serial number lower than H1908STS

If your Small Transparent Speaker got a serial number lower than H1908STS there is a slightly different setup you need to consider. If this is the case for you we recommend you to use a long USB cable (included) and power your Wi-Fi Module from a wall socket using a USB adapter (not included), see illustration. The reason is that If using the USB power from inside your Small Transparent Speaker the Wifi Module will turn off when the speaker goes to sleep mode. Which means you will not find it in your Wi-Fi list unless you turn off and on the power switch on your speaker.

Since we are a company that is all about being forever upgradable we will always do our best to create the best possible upgrades for you to be able to upgrade your speakers without buying a new one. This is a part of our journey to becoming the first circular tech brand.


1. Plug in your power cord and switch on your speaker
2. Connect the AUX cable to the Wi-Fi Module and to the "Line in" jack.
3. Connect the USB cable to the Wi-Fi Module and plug in to a wall socket using an adapter. A small LED will be in solid blue on the Wi-Fi Module.
4. Download the AudioCast App from App Store or Google Play.
5. Open the AuidoCast app and choose "Add device"
7. Go to your phone's Wi-Fi setting and select Transparent_AC_xxxx.
6. If you can’t find Transparent_AC_xxxx Press the WPS button on the Wi-Fi Module.
8. Go back to the AudioCast App and choose your home Wi-Fi. Enter the password.
9. Choose a name for your device, you can add a custom name or choose just choose one of the names showing on your screen.
10. To add more speakers, repeat steps 5 to 9.
11. You can now play music to all the connected speakers. To create a group, in the AudioCast App, simply click, hold and drag one device to another. To remove a device from the group, click, hold and drag the device to a blank space. You can also choose if you want the speakers to play only L or R channel.
12. Hide the Wi-Fi Module in the bottom of your speaker. All our speakers got a small compartment in the bottom or in the back to be able to fit any future upgrades.
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