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  • FAQ

    We have gathered the most common question about our products here.

    How do I install my speaker?

    Plug in the power cable, switch the speaker on, press the bluetooth button on the back, select your Transparent Speaker from the list of available bluetooth-devices on your phone or computer. Voila!

    You can also play through the 3.5 mm cable that is included with your purchase.

    Can I use apple airport or google chromecast?

    The Apple Airport Express™, although discontinued at Apple is still a popular wireless device in peoples’ homes. It can be hidden and powered inside our large Transparent Speaker, and set up through the Apple device interface. Some customers, shops etc use an app called Airfoil™ to play to several speakers simultaneously over Wi-Fi.

    Google Chromecast can be used in both our speaker sizes. It can conveniently be utilized as a multi-room Wi-Fi music setup. Please email us and we will send instructions on how to set up a Wifi-multiroom system with our speakers. It´s easier than you think.

    Does the electric wire connect in my socket/outlet?

    If you bought the speaker in EU/UK we include cables for these markets (Type C for EU and type G for UK). If you bought the speaker in US we include US cable (type A). All Small Transparent Speakers include C/A plugs.

    What is included in the box?

    Transparent Speaker

    1 x Transparent Speaker | 1 pair of cotton gloves | 1 x User Manual | 1-2 x Power cable |1 x Long music cable, double 3,5 mm Mini Jack |1 x Short music cable, double 3,5 mm Mini Jack | 4 x Rubber feet | 2 x Wall mounting brackets (with screws) | 2 x Wall mounting screws (with anchors for concrete walls)

    Small Transparent Speaker:

    1 x Small Transparent Speaker | 1 pair of cotton gloves | 1 × long audio cable | 1 × short audio cable | 1 × long power cable | 1 × short (USB) power cable | 2 x wall mount brackets and screws | 3 × AC power plugs

    Can I connect the speakers to my existing sound system?

    If you have an existing separate amplifier used with TV and other home entertainment the easiest way to include our speaker range is to use an RCA to mini jack cable and plug in to the back/bottom of our speakers. If you have a Google Home system you can use a Chromecast Audio™ in/under our speakers to connect to your existing system over Wifi. Our speakers can also be part of an existing Sonos™ system. Use a Sonos Connect or AMP hub and plug in to our speaker(s) via cable. These Sonos Hubs are a bit bigger so they don't fit inside our speakers.

    How is the sound?

    We are very proud of our sound. We collaborate with very experienced partners that have made high-quality audio equipment for over 40 years. With their help, we have developed the acoustic design, our custom speaker drivers and the tuning of the whole system. We aim for a “transparent” sound, which means striving for an accurate reproduction of a recording, the real intention of the musician.

    What should I in general think about before buying a speaker?

    What size is the room you want to place the speaker in, and what will your primary usage be like? For example: one of our large speakers can easily fill a large living room and create a proper dance floor. Our smaller speaker is perfect for everyday listening in apartment living rooms, kitchens or bedrooms.

    Is there any songs you recommend to check the sound quality?

    Feel free to check out our own speaker demo list on Spotify.

    What does the technical specifications mean?

    Output Power: Watt is a measure of electrical power. As an amplifier processes sound, the output is measured in watts. In general there is a correlation between output power and loudness (although loudness is measured in decibel). All speakers have a maximum number of watts that they can cope with and in our tech specs we tell you what this is for our various models.

    Frequency response: Describes the range of audible frequencies the speaker can reproduce between 20 Hz (deep bass) and 20 kHz (a piercingly high frequency), which is considered the range of human hearing. In reality, our hearing does not typically extend up to 20 kHz (especially as we get older), and bass frequencies below 30 Hz tend to be felt more than heard.

    What is the difference between the small and large speaker?

    The large speaker has more power and a separate woofer, this means it can play deeper bass sounds on a louder volume. In general the large speaker plays louder, and it also offers knobs for not only volume but for bass and treble for additional fine tuning of the sound.

    If something breaks, can it be replaced?

    Yes it can. Get in touch on [email protected] and we will help out. We are working on an online service to make this easier in the near future.

    What is your plan to reduce the climate impact?

    Going forward we intend to gradually cultivate and measure our closed loop product system, and we will share the progress as we make progress. By doing this we aim to radically reduce CO2 emissions compared to an average tech product lifecycle, and also inspire the industry to follow with similar efforts. We aim to have our first measuring data sets of this progress during 2020. We also measure the impact of our company at large and have defined and started following the policies of our daily work in terms of travelling, waste creation, food etc.

    Where can I find the speakers?

    Please see our section Showrooms listed here.

    Are you ordering from the UK?

    For goods valued at more than £135, you as customer is responsible for paying VAT in the UK. VAT can be paid via deferred VAT accounting or via the customs declaration.

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