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Circular Design Philosophy


It's about where things come from and what they are made of.


It's about where things are going, what happens with our products after they are sold.


It's about showing things for what they really are. We require transparency from our suppliers and offer it to our partners, customers and followers.

Modules that are forever upgradable

A modular design is key to future-proofing our products. It allows for repairs and upgrades. In addition to offering upgrades such as our multiroom module and spare parts, we also provide a breakdown of the components on the product pages.

Interactive Carbon Footprint

The single most essential thing we can do to reduce the environmental impact of electronics is to extend the life of our products. Most modern loudspeakers will soon become obsolete due to the incorporation of smart technology, and electronic waste is currently the fastest-growing waste stream in several markets. On our product pages, we explain the financial and environmental advantages of updating vs. buying new.

Digital Product Passport

Each product's unique serial number is encoded within a scannable QR code on the digital label. It is accessible via a link that appears when a smartphone's camera is pointed at the label. It may appear to be a small marking on the product, but it provides both transparency and circularity. It is essential that we live up to our brand reputation by providing consumers with information on materials and environmental impact, as well as support with product upgrades and warranties.

This initiative is aligned with a forthcoming EU directive for all consumer products and is part of the circular economy action plan launched as a key strategy to reach the 1.5 degree goal in the Paris agreement.

Circular Service Center

Transparent™ offers a physical environment where customers can visit our Circular Center in the Sound Room, in Stockholm, for a variety of circular services, including upgrades, repairs, and even technical support, such as pairing their speakers wirelessly.

A circular initiative in Stockholm

We have piloted a rental program, named “.rent”, in Stockholm as part of our vision to become the first circular tech brand. Our products are ideal for refurbishment and circulation in a new home. With the rental program, the products make a brief stop in our warehouse between customers for a thorough cleaning. In addition, as a renter, you get access to the most recent wireless module technology updates and the ability to scale your sound system as your living conditions change.