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Contemplating the ephemeral space

At Boutique A, you'll find a secluded haven in the heart of Marais in Paris, where authenticity and elegance coexist. Art, furniture, and ready-to-wear pieces from both East and West can be found in this eclectic mix of cultures. The beauty of art is created by a community of people who are enthusiastic about it. The purpose is to bring like-minded people together and greet old and new acquaintances.

As you enter this serene location, you'll see the Acoustic Sculpture integrating well with the boutique's carefully picked design pieces. A salon boutique that seems like a home. Providing an intimate setting in which guests may unwind and enjoy their stay. As though you were visiting a friend's house.

The founder Amilus Chou is a Taiwanese fashion and lifestyle blogger. Born in Taiwan, Ami received her education in the United Kingdom and Japan. Ami launched her blog "Une Fille aux Cheveux Noirs" in 2009 in Tokyo, and the following year she became an official blogger for VOGUE Japan. She relocated to Paris in May 2011, after the Tohoku earthquake in Japan.

The Acoustic Sculpture's shape improves sound wave flow from the driver components while enhancing stereo separation between the two drivers. In addition, the sculpture's bright and concise timbre adds a subtle touch that makes it more intriguing and unique.

The photographs are captured by Florain Touzet.

Acoustic Sculpture